Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Stampede Videos

I have a bunch of thoughts I need to get down on paper as well as many pictures to share....but I just wanted to get something up about the recently completed hell ride accross the states.  I tried to keep videos of myself every couple of gas stops so I could observe my own state of being degrade as I moved accross the states.  I ran out of camera memory and effort around St. Louis, Missouri....but I think these do a very good job of illustrating exactly what happens to you after a few thousand miles on the stampede....

Broken belt drive outside of Fallon, NV....what a great way to start the morning...

Broken belt drive outside Fallon, NV

Gas stop in Grand Junction, CO....you can tell my the locations I state....I am really tweaking on shovelhead crack at 5 in the morning...

Stopped in Grand Junction

On the other side of Monarch pass in Colorado after a 45 minute nap

Monarch Pass Stop

In the middle of the shittiest state in the union.....known as "Fucking shitty ass Kansas"

Kansas Stop

Just west of St. Louis Missouri....last video I made but I should have made more....might have made some money in hollywood for a new zombie film.

Felling Shitty

Crossing the Chesapeake bay Bridge tunnel

More to come on the epic adventure in the coming days.  Nick.