Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Special Papers from HD

So back in May I found out I needed brake and emissions statements from HD to give to the Shakken office in order to get the Steet Bob Legal.  So in the middle of May I submitted my paperwork to HD and FINALLY yesterday I received them.  These guys should be my keey to riding freedom.  We'll see shortly what the Japanese Trasportation "Ministry" has to say about that.....

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tally it up...

Starting to go back and remember it all now.  Starting with the stats..... when I left Fallon, NV after the belt drive was sorted, it was 6 at night.  24 hours after that I was in Hutchinson, KS.  That is 1375 miles averaging 57 miles/hr which at that point was still hardass time if I didn't have a 30 hrs delay for the gawdamn belt drive....

within 48 hours I was standing at a gas station in Athens, OH which put me another 980 miles down the line.  This was a total of 2355 miles in 2 days and now the average speed was down to 49 MPH.  Loosing ground on a hardass speed.  To be honest this was Missouri that killed me.  Deer everywhere, tired as shit, windy roads, TONs of small towns, and about 30 minute nap in a ditch.  Stupid body and it's need for sleep.....

Over the next 22 hours until the end of my 70 hour transit to Pinbluff starting back in Fallon, I went the remaining 849 miles.  In the end I ran an averae of 45 mph from Fallon.  There is about 80 miles missing there from Tahoe, but since I had the belt drive issue, I wasn't really running against anyone but myself, if you can understand.....

There has been some discussion about it, but the normal hardass time of 55 mph average is not impossible but due to the nature of this course, highly unattainable.  The 2 lane road thing, small towns, twisties, deer, constuction, etc. just kill you.  I got nearly 1400 the first 24 hours because the roads were generaally wide open and flat up until Kansas.  Past that the towns become more frequent and the road more winding.

Shit, I'm just happy I have the time and resources that I can do this shit.  Just getting out and running is all I care about, the other details are just unimportant footnotes overshadowed by the amazing event that is the stampede.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Stampede Photos

Here are some of the pictures from Stampede vacation:

Photobucket Link to Stampede Photos

Stampede Videos

I have a bunch of thoughts I need to get down on paper as well as many pictures to share....but I just wanted to get something up about the recently completed hell ride accross the states.  I tried to keep videos of myself every couple of gas stops so I could observe my own state of being degrade as I moved accross the states.  I ran out of camera memory and effort around St. Louis, Missouri....but I think these do a very good job of illustrating exactly what happens to you after a few thousand miles on the stampede....

Broken belt drive outside of Fallon, NV....what a great way to start the morning...

Broken belt drive outside Fallon, NV

Gas stop in Grand Junction, can tell my the locations I state....I am really tweaking on shovelhead crack at 5 in the morning...

Stopped in Grand Junction

On the other side of Monarch pass in Colorado after a 45 minute nap

Monarch Pass Stop

In the middle of the shittiest state in the union.....known as "Fucking shitty ass Kansas"

Kansas Stop

Just west of St. Louis Missouri....last video I made but I should have made more....might have made some money in hollywood for a new zombie film.

Felling Shitty

Crossing the Chesapeake bay Bridge tunnel

More to come on the epic adventure in the coming days.  Nick.