Sunday, October 9, 2011


It was a 3 day weekend in Japan, we rode out with some friends and went camping on Saturady night.  Sunday morning woke up and rode toYamanashi to see Dan san.  Shot the breeze with him for a bit and installed the new plate mount he made for me.  Apparently Tomo san (心ガラジの友さん)did the welding.  Dan of course being a stubborn American wouldn't take a dime for it.  タンさん、友さん、ありがとうね!

Afterwards Maiko and I had famous Yamanashi fat noodle, namely 豚ほうとお and then made the 100km trip back to 新百合ヶ丘。

On the way to camping, letting my friend Said take his first stab at a Harley...don't worry Said, you'll get it!

Dan Woosley and the midget garage

Good to see you Dan, now get that Kunck of yours fixed and let's go for a put!

New plate holder not only looks good, but cleans up the fender a bit and would allow for a bag to be set there if need be.