Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Special Mufflers

I hear you saying, Nick, what are special mufflers?  Well don't fret, I will tell you.  Special mufflers are not those that come on USA Harleys, but rather those bikes imported into other countries that have strict emissions regulations.  They must say "E4" on the side to make the bike quiet enough and smog free enough so that the rear fender is then made stronger for the license plate you are eventually given.  In my case I will be installing these not so shiny babies tonight and going out to try for my 排出ガス tomorrow.  Once I have that little magic paper I can proceed to 車検.  Oh yeah, I also got 自賠責保険 (compulsary insurance) so I can get a temp plate tomorrow (which means I actually get to ride, WOOHOO!).