Saturday, May 14, 2011

Curent Shaken Affairs

So, first of all, why Freeno?  Well when I was in high school I wasinto BMX bikes. Naturally I hung out with some stoner guys from time to time.  These were guys that some were scared off (some tough guys) but for some reason they liked me.  They smoked pot, I did not.  I was good in school, they were not.  At the time on the 'WB' television network there was a show called 'Nick Freeno Licensed Teacher'.  It was a terrible show and was taken off air quicly.  Naturally enough to them, my new name was Freeno.  To this day, ask anyone from high school what my nick name is and they will know.

Why the blog, aren't there enough already?  I am American, my girlfriend is Japanese.  We both speak some of the others language (her far better than I) but sometime we have disagreements caused by language.  Also, she want's to know my 'gaijin' opinion on matters because it's not normal for her to think like me.

Main posts here will be about travel but mainly about my adventures with motorcycles in Japan and the overall love of motorcycles.  When I moved here in September 2010, I thought I'd be on a bike quickly.  Well, through getting a license, buying the bike, fixing the import issues....its been quite a challenge.  All I have left (I think) is to get "high gas" or smog check and finish the actual Shaken.  We'll see how it pans out.  Here is the bike in question and the import document which Maiko san used her awesome negotiation skills to finagle with the Yokohama customs house yesterday. Now that I have this little piece of paper I am unstoppable!

麻衣子チャン ほんとにありがとうね!